Every fall for the past several years we have been involved in the social events surrounding the amazing New Hampshire Film Festival, located in the vibrant city of Portsmouth, NH.  It has been a pleasure and honor to help design and execute the Red Carpet Official Opening, Hospitality Party, and VIP After Party for the past three years.  This year we expanded our participation even further, designing and staging Headquarters for the weekend as well as proving some production for an additional sponsored party right after the Red Carpet event ended on Friday night. 

We have posted quite a few photos and videos showing the process and final product around each party and I thought a recap post would give some further insight as to how we have grown and expanded our production at this festival over the years. 

2014 was the first year Chris and I started collaborating on the film festival.  For quite a few years prior to that I helped design the Saturday Hospitality Party.  When Chris brought his level of production and audio/video equipment, we were able to expand and develop a more comprehensive design for the duration of the Film Festival weekend. 

2014 NHFF Parties:

2015 was the last year the Hospitality Party was hosted at Harbor Place, right on the water overlooking Maine.  We wanted to create an old Hollywood feel to the space, so we went with a red, black and white color palate and kept all the floral arrangements clean and sleek by using white orchids.

We also created the VIP after party at Martingale Wharf and tried to project the NHFF logo right on the water.  It looked pretty neat if you saw it in person, but projecting on a moving surface that's not completely black is challenging to capture on your iPhone :)

2015 NHFF Parties

Last year we created the Red Carpet Opening Ceremony event right outside of The Music Hall on Chestnut Street.  The street is closed around noon to give us time to set all the red carpets and screens and lighting throughout both sides of the street.  We wanted to create a show stopper for people walking down the street to stop and get involved with the festival. This year we were also knee deep in the First in the Nation Primary events around NH and I'm pretty sure we had four additional events happening on this very same day :)

The Hospitality Party was at 3S Artspace for the first time last year and we had a great time working with their staff to create a bold ceiling installation for people to enjoy throughout the day (Thanks Martin!).  The gallery space is a wonderful opportunity to hold events- it's a large, white, tall-ceilinged room that can be transformed any which way you can think up. 

2016 NHFF Parties

Wow, what a whirlwind this past weekend has been!  We started installing the Headquarters of the festival on Wednesday morning and worked with a lighting installation we had just created for a previous event, Tablescapes 2016.  We wanted to change and enhance the cafe lights we had already installed, so I decided to take the sunset colors of the logo- orange to pink- and create an ombre affect in the ceiling.  I used lots and lot (and lots) of crepe paper streamers and laid them out one at a time to complete the design.  The end result had warmth and brought some intimacy to the space that usually has a tall open ceiling right when you walk into the room.  We also brought in black floor to ceiling drape throughout the building, added our director's chairs, lounge furniture and created custom florals throughout the space.

The Friday night Red Carpet event was where we really added quite a few new elements including: (2) 65" flat screen televisions on truss that had both live video of people arriving for a photo op on the red carpet and also a live update of any and all social media surrounding the festival, using the hashtag #NHFF.  LED light panels were used throughout the Step and Repeat which produce camera-ready natural light. We also added (2) 12' tall truss towers at the bottom of the street that had up lights to enhance the aqua and orange Film Festival banner.  We even added a few oversized metal film strip holders to add to the look of the entrance to the Red Carpet. 

After the Red Carpet party ended, we quickly broke down the equipment and set up the red carpet, stantions and projection at 3S Artspace for an additional sponsored after party.

Saturday's Hospitality Party was once again at 3S Artspace, this time in their restaurant, Block Six, patio and side courtyard.  We wanted to enhance the indoor space with LED uplights and with some simple star paper lanterns in the colors of the NHFF logo.  We added flowers throughout the space as well.

After the Hospitality Party was broken down, we set up the entrance to the VIP After Party at Martingale Wharf, complete with the red carpet, stantions, LED uplights, LED Light Panels, and Projections for the sponsors.

As I write this, I realize how many events we completed in a short amount of time and with the help of our team, the Volunteers at the NHFF, the Music Hall staff, 3S Staff, and Martingale Wharf Staff.  If you add in the AMAZING weather all weekend, we had a great time and can't wait to collaborate with the NHFF team again in 2017!