It really was such an amazing two-day photo shoot for the 2017 Fall/Winter Issue of New Hampshire Magazine BRIDE. The weather was quite cooperative on our first day of shooting, and it added a lot of texture to the images- SNOW- on the second. Hey, if you are looking to recreate a winter wedding, you really can't ask for a better background than snow falling to the ground, right?

We had an ALL STAR cast of New England wedding vendors we brought together for this concept. I am so grateful for each and every one of their contributions and I think it's important to share all of their fabulousness with you. I asked them to answer a few questions about their photo shoot inspiration as well as a few questions about their business and themselves.  It's always a good idea to understand and get to know the vendors who help you with your wedding day.

We are starting our vendor series off with the amazing Lena Hartford, owner of Hair that Moves, a traveling wedding hair stylist.  I've known Lena for close to 10 years now and she is one of my favorite hair stylist out there, as well as a dear friend and my personal hair stylist.  Super easy to work with, very calming on the day of the wedding, and just an all around wonder woman.  Mother of two awesome kids, Lena also has an additional business - a traveling hair salon.  From cuts, to colors, to updos for a fancy night out, Lena is your woman. 

For the photo shoot, I asked that she work with two models and make both of their styles modern in construction, with not a ton of additional direction.  We all shared a Pinterest board to show where the design was heading and Lena knocked it out of the park with our two models... can't wait to show you all of the images this fall when the magazine comes out.  In the meantime, here are a few questions I asked each vendor and this is what Lena had to say:

1. What does a NH wedding mean to you? Favorite venue, favorite aspect, favorite season as examples.

 LH: This is a tricky one, I grew up in NH and really like the seacoast but I am a lake girl so I really am drawn to lakeside venues, where the feel is relaxed and brings special memories of childhood and summers and togetherness into a wedding. Not sure I can name one venue. I do love the fall here in NH, although the summer months can be great too!

2. What inspired you to create your design for the photo shoot, and what did you actually create that was modern?

LH: The inspiration for the hair designs for this shoot were created off of a photo that I really wanted to emulate, and the shoot was a little too modern for  that one shot, but we made it cleaner and tighter for the modern, clean look. I created a knot on some gorgeous straight red hair, and a bigger full pony for our other look!

3. Tell us something fun about you that potential clients would enjoy learning about.

LH: Something fun about me, well I like to have fun.... I love music- its good for the soul-but probably that I love attending concerts- anything from 90's hop hop to country- I love it all!